New Grad Nurses

RN Adult Health Rotation Team (AHEART) 

Grow your nursing career with us!

We welcome new grad nurses to apply for an RN job on our Adult Health Rotation Team, where you will get the opportunity to train on our medical and surgical units with experienced preceptors! Benefits include full-time hours, new graduate pay, the opportunity to enhance your clinical skills through a variety of patient experiences and participation in the Nurse Residency Program. After orientation, you will be assigned to rotate through medical and surgical units for 6 weeks at a time.

AHEART Overview

  • Open to new grad nurses (RN)
  • Orientation on medical/surgical units
  • Work on a rotation team and participate in a variety of patient experiences
  • Medical/surgical units that participate in the program include 6 River, 8 River, 6 Kaufman, 9 Kaufman and 10 Kaufman
  • Full-time benefits with new graduate nurse pay
  • Requires a 2 year commitment to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital 

AHEART Schedule

  • Orientation
    • 14 weeks
      • 2 weeks of onboarding
      • 11 weeks of clinical orientation
      • 1 shadow week in a medical/surgical specialty area
    • Rotation with medical/surgical preceptors (provided by the unit) from participating nursing units
      • Onboarding: 2 weeks
      • 1st rotation: 4 weeks
      • 2nd rotation: 3 weeks
      • 3rd rotation: 2 weeks
      • 4th rotation: 2 weeks
      • 1 week of electives: Wound and ostomies, IV skills and one shadow shift in a specialty area (PACU, OR, SDU, etc.) or return to one of the prior rotations
    • Post-orientation
      • Participation in Nurse Residency Program
      • Participation in Mentoring Program
      • Assignment to a medical/surgical unit in 6 week rotations
      • Specialty orientation including education sessions
  • Year 1
    • Rotate through medical/surgical units
    • 12 hour shifts
    • Option for orientation to medical/surgical intermediate patient care (after 9 months)
  • Year 2
    • Apply to unit of choice or, at 18 months, apply to the resource pool
    • Bridge to Intermediate Care Program
    • Eligible to apply to internships

Please contact us if you are interested in or have questions about the AHEART Program.